Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wonder Woman.

If there was ever an image to sum up Miss Moss- i'd say this is it.

Clearly- she just doesn't give a fuck. But nor would I, if I owned that dress.

L x


  1. How could you give a fuck when you LOOK THAT GOOD in that dress? Mama is stunnin. So glad she recovered from that unfortunate New Yorker spread where she was sporting a tummy.

  2. AHHAH! i sooo agree with you on that one. I love her for that fact though. That she doesnt give a fuck.

    x victoria

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  3. the dress is super haute. I really hate to see amazing models smoke though.

  4. LOL THATS AN AWESOME WAY TO DESCRIBE KATE MOSS HAHAH thats a great pic of her and the dress WOW LA LA!

  5. Yeah she's just awesome, period.

  6. you're so right. this photo pretty sums her up. there's something off about her, it's disheveled, kooky, full of attitude, but pulled together.