Sunday, 24 January 2010

Smoking Hot...

It wasn't until I said it aloud yesterday, that I realised how much I love photographs of women smoking, my laptop, iPhone screen savers are both taken from the above. In reality however- smoking does nothing for me...

Women eh?
L x


  1. i think i can sheepishly agree with you; there is a seductive quality about smoking, but i still don't think i'm ever going to start.

  2. it puzzles me as to why smoking is glamourised in the fashion industry? I think it stems from the fascination with the sense of rebellion that smoking seems to convey and the contrast between extreme beauty and ugliness. I too can see the appeal in the image of a young woman smoking, but I think it is also a very negative and decieving image to be shown to young women. Smoking in reality is a destructive habit which causes great harm to your body and I think it is rather irresponsible and unoriginal that the fashion industry continually displays it as a glamourous activity.

  3. " smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette..." remenber the song...

  4. You are so right, there is something different in the smoking women and the way they looks so sexy.

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