Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mstr.Ryan Holliday-Stevens

After a full two weeks of Euro madness starting at Sonar in Barcelona and Finishing at Exit in Serbia I was slightly concerned to say the least about our forthcoming collection!

We seem to work best together with a lack of sleep and always somehow manage to pull it off! The new collection is looking great and now I can breathe a sigh of relief and start planning the pattern cutting, grading, sampling, costings etc. etc. etc......

Laura and I met whilst working together in Leeds and have been collaborating together unofficially for nearly 3 yrs. We started 5.16 in April as an outlet to showcase some of the work we have done together with no commercial constraints. It has been an instant hit and the demand has been overwhelming, we never imagined that there was a market for the kind of extreme fashion we are both so passionate about, but apparently there is ;-)

I run a own brand label and manage a small studio based in Leeds in the north of England. Having moved to Dalston, London in March the commute has been hellish to say the least. Being in two cities is challenging but offers the opportunity to connect to two completely different creative pools and so far so good.

I Have worked in fashion for 7 years now but wont bore you with my past, it's all about the future. This is the first time I have been able to design with no one holding me back and telling me to tone it down, it is a most exciting time.

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  1. Your work is superb! I love love love Aqua. You need to get some good PR (or keep it quiet, as it's my little secret gem that I've found you)!