Wednesday, 29 July 2009

P is for pornstar... (and PVC leggings and powermesh and papier mache and paparrazi)

Looking forward to a weekend off, so need to chill my boots. I'm planning on an early morning swim in the Lido before work but lets see what happens (I am currently in bed eating wispas and jelly sweets)

This week sees a new regime based around a healthy work/sleep balance and much less coffee, its going well so far minus the martinis last night.

The new collection looks great and I am really pleased with the shots, it was not the easiest of shoots but we managed to get there in the end even if i did have to miss my hair cutt (sorry stacey)

My feet are aching after trawling the streets of London, met up with Laura after the ASOS appointment and all is good in the hood. 

R x

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